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Marketplace For Ugly And Excess Food
We are not just applying a band-aid to a broken Food System, we are doing something to fix it.
— Naz Athina Kallel, SAVE GOOD FOOD Founder

How do We do Good?

We deliver ugly and excess produce from local farmers directly to chefs kitchens. We believe good food grown by our local farmers should not be wasted and farmers should get paid for their food. Just because a cucumber has stem bruises, it doesn't make that cucumber less tasty or worthy of tossing away.


In December of 2012, our Founder, Naz Athina Kallel was diagnosed with stage IV Head and Neck Cancer and on the same day was laid off by her employer of eight years. During the following two years of cancer treatments and recovery time, Naz had plenty of time to think about how fragile and unpredictable life is. There was much motivation to think about how she was going to survive and support herself. Naz took a big leap, applied and got accepted as a Fellow into the prestigious StartUp Leadership Program in San Diego.  There she began her new journey into the exciting world of start-ups. 

Why did Naz choose the Food Industry?

Having survived with the use of her Feeding Tube during her Cancer treatments, she developed a complicated relationship with food, what used to be the center piece of all life's celebrations, food now became an anxiety-producing emotion. After her recovery, she faced the new challenge of celebrating life and food again.

How did Naz come up with this Collaborative model?

The idea of sharing food, reinvented through the wonders of technology, came to her when she was on the dating site Zoosk. Her “Aha!” moment was when she thought to apply matchmaking services to this space of Farmers and Chefs! Naz felt the passion to bring together the community that has a vested interest in one another: 1) to buy locally while saving good food from going to waste and 2) to expand the producer's (Farmer) earning potential and the user's (Chef) savings through collaboration... and SAVE GOOD FOOD was born!

How are we funded?

We are bootstrapping and shoestringing, living lean and green, and do most of the work ourselves to keep costs down. Save Good Food's first goal is to build a community. 

Help us, help yourselves and help your local Farms and Chefs succeed by using the our Marketplace and spread the good food word.

Our Social Mission

* To Reduce Food Waste. Over 40% of food is thrown away every single  day.

* To provide Farmers with a distribution channel for ugly and excess food, Chefs.

* To reduce food costs for Chefs, who already understand that good food is about taste and quality and not aesthetics. Bring them local food at affordable prices.

* To change the Food System to make imperfect food the rule rather than the exception.

* Use Locally Grown Food.


Naz Athina Kallel


Hailing from Mombasa, Kenya, Naz Athina Kallel is a resilient entrepreneur who started early. At age 19, she founded a Safari Company operating tours throughout her homeland in East Africa, eventually turning her start-up into a full-scale operation, sold the company and moved to the USA, where she kept pursuing her entrepreneurial goals and her love for creating art jewelry.

Her latest business startup venture,  Save Good Food,  aims to revolutionize the way food makers and food growers market their ugly and excess products and collaborate within their local communities to impact positive change in the food system. Save Good Food's social mission is to reduce food waste and food insecurity.

Naz, a home cook and devoted locavore, loves hanging out with her rescue dogs, paddling in the ocean, advocating for head and neck cancer patients and mentoring female entrepreneurs.

To find out more,  feel free to get in touch with Naz:
Naz Athina Kallel  *  *  858-208-3403