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Marketplace For Ugly And Excess Food


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1. Chefs join our Marketplace here and start buying immediately. Place your order by 12 noon  on Monday and It will be delivered directly from our partner Farms to your Kitchen on Wednesday.

2. Secure online ordering system with your own private dashboard, track your kitchen dollars, access inventory 24/7,  know where your food is coming from and much more.

3. Farmers, we want you on-board, do you know we pay you on the spot for your ugly and excess produce?

Any questions? Please email: or phone 858-208-3403, 8am-8pm PST.


  • Someone who buys ugly and imperfect produce? Because--although it looks comical--it tastes fantastic and you absolutely will not let it go to waste! YOU ARE THE NOWASTE CHEF!

  • Want to save on your Kitchen Dollars and get great deals on vegetable and fruit?

  • Use local ingredients that your consumers embrace?

  • Buy from local Farmers that you know and trust?


Are you a Farmer:

  • Want to sell your excess and ugly produce? Because it's imperfect to sell to most customers or you have harvested more than you can sell at the market?

  • Want to be an influence in your Food Community and keep the local economy secure in food and improve food systems ?

  • Want to connect and collaborate with artisan food makers and chefs and expand your market reach?